What is the key difference between EHR and Practice Management Software?

There are a lot of different software options available out there for managing your medical practice. Yet, there is a catch: Which one is best suited to fulfill your needs? And this is where most medical care providers get things messed up. as they don’t know the key difference between these medical software solutions. Same goes for EHR and practice management software. And we understand that selecting the best medical software solutions from a plethora is a difficult task. So, which one do you need? Through this blog, you will get a wide overview of the key difference between EHR and practice management software. 

What is Practice Management Software?

Practice management software is a medical software solution that helps medical practitioners pace their practices smoothly. This type of software can help with tasks such as managing patient records, scheduling appointments, and billing. Having a good practice management system in place can help streamline operations and improve patient care.  It’s Unique Feature 

  • Scheduling
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Patient data and documentation management
  • Billing
  • Reporting and analytics

What is EHR ( Electronic Health Records)?

EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a longitudinal record of patient health information. These are crafted by one or more encounters in any care delivery setting. It has the ability to generate a complete record of a patient’s medical history, including diagnoses, medications, immunizations, radiology, and laboratory test results.  Note: Get in-depth details on EHR at “ Electronic Health Records - Pros & Cons ” . Essential EHR Feature to look for in 2022

The Key Difference between EHR & PMS

There is a big difference between an EHR & a PMS. Here’s a showdown of the key differences:

  • An EHR is a digital record or a paperless record of a patient’s health information. This can include things like medical history, prescriptions, and lab results. On the other hand, a PMS is a software system that helps a medical practice run smoothly. It can manage things like appointments, billing , and medical records. 
  • EHR is fully focused on the patient’ health data, while a PMS is focused on the pratices' operational needs. 
  • An EHR can help a practice meet quality standards, while a PMS can help a practice improve efficiency. 

Which one to choose from EHR and PMS for your medical Practice?

The answer is, it depends. If you’re just starting out, you may only need practice management software. But as you grow, you’ll probably want to add EHR capabilities to your system. The good news is, there are a lot of great software options out there that can help you with both EHR and practice management. And the key to finding the right one is understanding your needs and doing your research. If you’re looking for a system to help you manage your medical practice, a PMS is the way to go. But if you need to maintain digital health records for your patients, an EHR is the better choice.

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