Challenges Associated with Telehealth - How to overcome them

Challenges Associated with Telehealth. As we get closer to 2020, the benefits of telehealth become more apparent. Telehealth-enabled healthcare systems can take on a variety of roles.

  • New patients,
  • Focus on long-term results, and
  • Reduce the overall cost of care by lowering clinic readmission rates and the average duration of stay for patients.

Despite these benefits, telehealth adoption rates are still low in several parts of the country. Moreover, The underlying cost of investing in innovation, and a lack of technology have all made it more difficult. However, each difficulty has its unique solution. Furthermore, when there are obstacles, there is an opportunity for progress. And it is for this reason that we" Medzinc" has come forward to address these challenges. We're back with another interesting series of blogs today, " Challenges Associated with Telehealth - How to Overcome Them,". We will discuss the obstacles of telehealth and how to overcome them so that it is more widely adopted.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a telecommunication technology that aids in the delivery of health-related services. It facilitates communication between healthcare providers and patients who are not physically present in the same room. It is typically accessible via a mobile phone or computer.  Furthermore telehealth services include the following:

  • Medical care, 
  • Patient education and Monitoring, and 
  • Also telemedicine.

Some of the Key Benefits of Telehealth

  1. Decreases Strain on Healthcare System
  2. Reduces Rural Barriers to Care
  3. Aids Patients With Limited Mobility
  4. Expedites Timely Care
  5. Delivers Cost Savings
  6. Offers Extensive Telehealth Technology Options


Challenges Associated with Telehealth - Solution to overcome them 

Here are some of the Challenges associated with Telehealth with the solution. 

Reimbursement & Receiving Payment

One Of the most common Challenges associated with telehealth is “Payment Gateway".As a rule, a horrible and shaky administrative environment makes a great deal of vulnerability for medical care suppliers. Numerous suppliers wonder whether or not to put cash into a telehealth practice since there is the gamble that making this stride will not be monetarily useful to them. Also, Getting an installment from patients can be a difficult errand.

Solution: Setting up technology for integrated Tracking

The best way to tackle the Reimbursement & payment challenge is to set up an integrated telehealth software. Moreover, plot out a platform that has the functionality to allow medical providers to get insight into patient insurance plans. 

Keeping Data Security 

One of the key challenges associated with telehealth software is “Data Security”. When it comes to health information, It is a significant concern for both Patients & Providers. And with the rise of Cyber-attacks, it has become a major concern at both ends. 

Solution: Hire a Third-Party with Experience in Data Privacy

The best solution for keeping Data safe & Secure is best to hire a third party. That can ensure that all communication ends are protected and encrypted. On the other hand, medical providers could invest extra money to develop tools with robust security and Interoperability. Moreover, have encryption protocols.

The abundance of Patient Data

The next challenge associated with telehealth is the “Abundance of Patient Data”. Maintaining a huge amount of data requires a lot of hard work and is a recurring process. And for a single server to manage & store sensitive patient data isn't an easy task to adhere to. 

Solution: Services Settings and Big Data Expertise

To tackle the problem of maintaining huge amounts of sensitive medical data, it's best to look for a big data expert. Furthermore, focus on finding a vast expertise company in big data and are well aware of keeping patient data privacy.

Digital Literacy 

The biggest and the most predominant challenge associated with telehealth is “ Digital Literacy. Some Patients and providers might feel uncomfortable using this technology. In addition, there are some patients, such as the elderly & literate people who face trouble navigating these devices.

Solution: Invest in user experience & Responsiveness

The best solution to it is to invest in a user-friendly and responsive framework. Suppliers can likewise assist their patients with altering this innovation. So they can utilize these gadgets all the more effectively. They can utilize Audio-video interpretations. Patients can likewise utilize bigger gadgets to assist them with exploring the keys and controls.

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